- Your body usually does a great job of telling you when you need some time off or adding more variety to your workouts and lifestyle.

-Here are some signs of over-training;

  •  Constant feeling of heaviness in your legs(it might feel difficult to walk upstairs or even sprint)
  • Tension headaches(aches around your head, as if its being crushed)
  • Less enthusiasm(about training, sports, and eating)
  • Lowered immunity(possibility of getting colds or infections more frequently)
  • Tiredness(constantly taking naps, and oversleeping)

Beefit take a few days off, and

  • Walk (less impact on joints and bones)
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • get to bed early 
  • Eat plenty of natural and healthy fats, and fruits(rebuilds and nourish your body)
  • Go out with friends and family