Water & You!!

- Here are a few reasons why water is vital to your diet and everyday living.

  • In Blood- transports glucose, oxygen,and fats to working muscles and removes by-products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid(causes post workout muscle fatigue and pain).
  • In Urine- eliminates metabolic waste products.
  • In sweat- to regulate body temperature.
  • In saliva and gastric secretions- helps digest food.
  • Throughout the body- lubricates joints and cushions organs and tissues.
  • Helps metabolize fat- greater weight loss progress.

BeeFit!!! drink more water.

Mistakes people make in the gym!!

-Mistakes in the gym can mean a difference between an effective and an ineffective workout. Other mistakes can lead to strains or even costly injuries.

  • Not stretching enough (stretch immediately after an aerobic activity while your muscles are warm to prevent injuries)
  • Lifting too much weight (never lift more than your muscle can handle. Gradual, progressive resistance is more effective and safe.)
  • Not warming up before activity (your muscles need time to warm up, start slow and gradually increase intensity.)
  • Not cooling down after a workout (take a few minutes to lower heart rate and stretch muscles to improve flexibility)
  • Exercising too intensely (it is more effective to sustain a moderate workout for a longer period of time than to exercise intensely for only a few minutes)
  • Not drinking enough water (loosing fluids during exercise causes dehydration, keep a bottle of water close by during activities)
  • Jerking while lifting weights (the jerking motion causes the jerking of your muscles. This can lead to strain and injury. The muscles of the back is mostly vulnerable, control the weight, don’t let it control you.) 
  • Eating protein bars and sports drinks during moderate exercise (unless your working out for longer than 2 hours per day, high-energy bars and sports drinks are not needed. High energy is usually another word for high calorie.)