- When done correctly dips are an excellent exercise. They can build stronger and better; 

  • deltoids
  • triceps
  • traps
  • impressive chest

-The problem is, they need to be done right. It is important to maintain a good form by leaning your body forward and keeping your elbows tight, keeping your movement controlled and steady.

*BeeFit tip: Only after you have mastered body weight dips should you consider adding weight to a belt.

Goals in writting are dreams with deadlines.
Brian Tracy

Once I aspired to be fit. Now inspire others.


Mistakes people make in the gym!!

-Mistakes in the gym can mean a difference between an effective and an ineffective workout. Other mistakes can lead to strains or even costly injuries.

  • Not stretching enough (stretch immediately after an aerobic activity while your muscles are warm to prevent injuries)
  • Lifting too much weight (never lift more than your muscle can handle. Gradual, progressive resistance is more effective and safe.)
  • Not warming up before activity (your muscles need time to warm up, start slow and gradually increase intensity.)
  • Not cooling down after a workout (take a few minutes to lower heart rate and stretch muscles to improve flexibility)
  • Exercising too intensely (it is more effective to sustain a moderate workout for a longer period of time than to exercise intensely for only a few minutes)
  • Not drinking enough water (loosing fluids during exercise causes dehydration, keep a bottle of water close by during activities)
  • Jerking while lifting weights (the jerking motion causes the jerking of your muscles. This can lead to strain and injury. The muscles of the back is mostly vulnerable, control the weight, don’t let it control you.) 
  • Eating protein bars and sports drinks during moderate exercise (unless your working out for longer than 2 hours per day, high-energy bars and sports drinks are not needed. High energy is usually another word for high calorie.)
Rest & Recovery!!

- Rest and recovery is a very important aspect of any workout routine. Recovery after exercise is essential to muscle and tissue repair and strength building. A muscle group needs 24-48 hours to repair, and working it again too soon leads to tissue breakdown instead on building. 

- Here are a few tips to recover after an exercise;

  • Cool down; slow down, do not stop completely after exercise. Continue to move around for at least 5 to mins.
  • Replace fluids; you lose a lot of fluid during exercise, water supports metabolic functions, and is an easy way to boost your recovery. 
  • Eat properly; you should try to eat within 60 mins of the end of your workout. Make sure to include some high-quality protein and carbs.
  • Stretch; stretch half as much as you workout.
  • Massage; improves circulation for faster recovery.
  • Sleep; essential for anyone who exercise regularly. During sleep your body produces growth hormone, which is responsible tissue growth and repair.
  • Avoid overtraining..

Lifting to muscle failure is the only failure that’s acceptable… This means the muscle just cant lift the weight anymore.

-Take your time on the release, or negative portion of the rep. It doesn’t have to be slow, but don’t rush or allow to drop the resistance either.

-The negative part of training is very important, this portion of the rep is when most of the muscle fiber damage occurs. Without damage there is no muscle repair, and in turn no growth.

Symptoms of dehydration

-EARLY SIGNS:                                            -SEVERE SIGNS:

  1. Fatigue1. Difficulty swallowing
  2. Flushed skin                                  2. Stumbling
  3. Burning in stomach                        3. Shriveled skin
  4. Light-headedness                          4. Dim vision
  5. Headache                                     5. Numb skin
  6. Dry mouth                                    6. Muscle spasm
  7. Dry cough                                     7. Delirium
  • Beefit consume 64 0z or 6-8 cups of water daily depending on activity.
Squatting technique!
  • Performing a perfect squat requires a heavy heel. Before perfoming a squat (back, overhead, sumo, front) slightly lift your toes up in your shoes. This places about 75% of your weight on your on your heel. This causes the hip to naturally unlock, applying the weight being lifted (body weight, barbell, etc..) directly to the gluteus muscles.

  • Squatting heavy on your toes puts pressure directly to the knee joint and overloads the quadriceps, which can lead to Arthritis, Over-developed quads or ligament damage. 

Beefit Perform right form for each exercise..

Knowing is not enough; we must APPLY.
Willing is not enough; we must DO.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

  • According to researchers, if the more than 88 million inactive Americans started exercising regularly, they would save more than $76 billion per year in medical cost.

Beefit better our future!


  • These are cancer fighting foods
  • Protective effects against stomach cancer
  • Lowers the risk of prostate and esophageal cancer


Muscle turns into Fat??

- This is a common misconception; when you stop training muscle can turn into fat.

  • Muscle will not turn into fat, as fat will not turn into muscle. Both are specialized and different tissues with specific functions. Muscles have spaghetti-like fibers with proteins designed to exert force. Fat cells are designed to store Fat(energy)…
Nice Ass!!

- Get a lifted and toned butt by performing these combination exercises;

  • Reverse lunges
  • Crossover lunges
  • Side, Forward lunges
  • Squats
  • Dead-lifts
  • Squat with kick
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Jump squats
  • Crab walks
  • Superman
  • Suicides
  • Sprints
  • Hill climb

Beefit try these exercises.