- When done correctly dips are an excellent exercise. They can build stronger and better; 

  • deltoids
  • triceps
  • traps
  • impressive chest

-The problem is, they need to be done right. It is important to maintain a good form by leaning your body forward and keeping your elbows tight, keeping your movement controlled and steady.

*BeeFit tip: Only after you have mastered body weight dips should you consider adding weight to a belt.


- Your body usually does a great job of telling you when you need some time off or adding more variety to your workouts and lifestyle.

-Here are some signs of over-training;

  •  Constant feeling of heaviness in your legs(it might feel difficult to walk upstairs or even sprint)
  • Tension headaches(aches around your head, as if its being crushed)
  • Less enthusiasm(about training, sports, and eating)
  • Lowered immunity(possibility of getting colds or infections more frequently)
  • Tiredness(constantly taking naps, and oversleeping)

Beefit take a few days off, and

  • Walk (less impact on joints and bones)
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • get to bed early 
  • Eat plenty of natural and healthy fats, and fruits(rebuilds and nourish your body)
  • Go out with friends and family

Lifting to muscle failure is the only failure that’s acceptable… This means the muscle just cant lift the weight anymore.

-Take your time on the release, or negative portion of the rep. It doesn’t have to be slow, but don’t rush or allow to drop the resistance either.

-The negative part of training is very important, this portion of the rep is when most of the muscle fiber damage occurs. Without damage there is no muscle repair, and in turn no growth.

- Benching 101

  • You can maximize your strength while benching by, adding resistance bands to the barbell.